Thursday, February 2, 2023

Practical Geometry at Mud University, Cambridge, NY, March 3-4

 I'm giving a class on Practical Geometry at Mud University, in Cambridge, NY, on March 3-4, 2023. Their website is at the end of this post.*

Just in time for mud season!  Come learn about practical geometry at Mud University.  
FREE and FUN! With a fabulous instructor: me. 

Anyone who's curious is welcome, no math or drawing skill needed. 
March 3, First meeting: I will introduce geometry as practical knowledge well understood until about 1950. We will use compasses to layout daisy wheels.
March 4, Second meeting: we will draw the patterns, hands-on, with compasses.
Here's a diagram - the square and its circle.

 It is the language for the pattern of a quilt (dated 1847) 
and the roof structure for St. David's Cathedral in Wales (c. 1550).  

You will learn what Practical Geometry was/is, and see many examples of the use of geometry in construction and design.

 You will see how our ancestors, weavers, quilters, cabinet makers, and builders used geometry for design and construction. I will mention drawings, paintings, and illustrations, including how our cell phones superimpose the 'rule of thirds' over our snap shots.

Ask me if you have questions. Or just sign up.                       *

I look forward to seeing you there.  Jane 

St. David's Cathedral and geometric pattern :
Smith, Laurie, The Geometrical Design of St. David’s Cathedral Nave Ceiling, A Geometer’  Perspective,  
The Geometrical Design Works, 2017, printed Exeter, UK. and others.










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