Friday, December 16, 2011

North Bennington, Vermont, Walking Tour, #24- 26

#24 - McCullough Library, 1921, replaced the N. Bennington Boot and Shoe Factory which burned down in 1884. Its classic columns and symmetry compliment the markets across the park, but the columns have Corinthian capitals with leaves instead of the plain Doric capitals on the stores. The brick work is like a tapestry, an outer skin, decorative, not structural. The round brick columns at Welling and Thatcher’s Store hold up the building. The corner pilasters on Loomis and Hawkes’ store cover real wood posts.

In 1856, the Union Store (#3) was here as well as some carriage sheds and a clothing store.

#25 - B. Hammond House: Federal, c. 1825, is the reverse image of the Welling House (#10). Its circular fan light has the same ball detailing as the Welling House. Both houses were originally unpainted brick, as the Knapp House (#9) still is. George Briggs was the builer.

#26 - Hiland Knapp House, Federal, c. 1825. This house sports curving bands – guilloche – at the eaves and at the entrance, slender ionic columns, a subtle brick pattern, dressed marble lintels and sills. It is graceful and sophisticated. Its style - center entrance, gables to the sides - was soon eclipsed by side entrance, gable to the street houses such as Welling (#2) and Hammond (#25). Water St was laid out in 1825 along Paran Creek.

End the tour at #2 – The Welling house, seen from Main Street - the twin of # 25, the Hammond House, across the way.

And #1 - The Thatcher and Welling Store, which has been Powers Market since c1900.

It is the oldest country store in Vermont. Note the pulley for a hoist under the eaves of the roof and the bricked-in loading door.


Sarah said...

Do you have a list of who has run the store that is now Powers Market? (Thatcher & Welling store)
I have a picture taken in 1937 of the store if you would like a copy. My ggg aunt worked on the family history at that time and supposedly located this store as being one that Hiram C. Houghton or his father Jonathan Clark Houghton ran or owned just after 1856. (They were still in South Shaftsbury in 1856). Thanks for any help.

Jane said...

Hi Sarah,
I know that there was a grand Victorian house (c. 1880's) owned by the Houghton family on Houghton St. But I do not know when the Wellings stopped owning the market. In the next few weeks I hope to talk to 2 people who may know the dates. I will let you know what I find out.