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Bibliography for Practical Geometry, aka Architectural Geometry

A list of books by and about builders and architects who used Practical Geometry; many are primary sources.
At the end are other sources, websites, and credits.
It does not include books I refer to in a specific post. For example: Audel's Carpenters and Builders Guide, Theo Audel & Co. Publisher, NYC, 1923, is footnoted at the end of that post: https://www.jgrarchitect.com/2018/11/lines-in-historic-and-modern.html.

A few are books on architectural history and technology which I reference regularly:  Bannister Fletcher's History and Knight's American Mechanical Dictionary.


Benjamin, Asher. The Country Builder’s Assistant, 1797, Dickman, printer, Greenfield, MA –
     reprint by Applewood Books, Bedford, MA.
                     *The American Builder’s Companion, 6th edition, RP &C Williams, Boston, 1827
Biddle, Owen. *Young Carpenter’s Assistant, published by Benjamin Johnson, Philadelphia,
Charles, FWB. The Great Barn of Bredon, Its Fire and Reconstruction, Oxbow Monograph 76,
     1997, Oxford Books, Oxford, UK.
Colvin, H.M., A Biographical Dictionary of British Architects,1600-1840, Harvard U. Press, Cambridge, 1954.
Fletcher, Bannister. A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method, Charles Scribner’s
      Sons, NY, 17th Ed. 1967.
Gibbs, James. *Book on Architecture, London, 1728
                       Rules for Drawing the Several Parts of Architecture, printed by W. Bower for the
      author, London, 1732, ECCO print edition
Glassie, Henry. Folk Housing in Middle Virginia, U of Tennessee Press: Knoxville, 1979
Green, Bryan Clark. In Jefferson’s Shadow, the Architecture of Thomas R. Blackburn, Princeton
       University Press, NY, 2006
Harris, Eileen. British Architectural Books and Writers, 1556-1785, Cambridge U. Press, Cambridge, 1990
Harris, Leslie. Robert Adam and Kedleston, The National Trust, London, 1987.
Knight, Edward H. American Mechanical Dictionary, Vol I, II, III; J.B. Ford & Co. NY, 1874.
Macaulay, David. Mosque, 2003, Houghton Mifflin co., Boston. His many books are excellent references. 
Nicholson, Peter. The Carpenter’s New Guide, 1793, London; 10th ed., Philadelphia, 1830.
Palladio, Andreas. *The 4 Books of Architecture, 1570, translated and published by Isaac Ware,
      London, 1738.
Serlio, Sebastian. On Architecture, Lyon, France 1530, translated in1611, available on-line. 
       Translated by Vaughan Hart and Peter Hicks, 1996, Yale University Press, New Haven
Shaw, Edward. *The Modern Architect, Dayton & Wentworth, Boston, 1854
Smith, Laurie, The Geometrical Design of St. David’s Cathedral Nave Ceiling, A Geometer’s
      Perspective, The Geometrical Design Works, 2017, printed Exeter, UK. and others.
Vitruvius, Marcus. *The Ten Books on Architecture, c. 10 BCE, translated by Morris Hicky
      Morgan, Harvard University Press, 1914.
Ware, William R.. The American Vignola, * of the first edition published by WW Norton& Co.  NY, 1977 ( original edition, 1903)

*Reprinted by Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, NY

     HABS drawings, Library of Congress, Washington, DC
     Denison Bingham Hull, Old First Church, Bennington, Vermont, c. 1935.
     James Platteter, barn frame for Green Mountain Timber Frames, 2014
     All others: Jane Griswold Radocchia
Web sites:
     www.jgrarchitect.com (you are here!)  and  www.janegriswoldradocchia.com
for Laurie Smith: 
     http://historicbuildinggeometry.uk/ and http://www.thegeometricaldesignworks.com/   
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This blog post is subject to updating.  
It was first complied to accompany a lecture on Practical Geometry Geometry in 2016. It is now available whenever I present.


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