Wednesday, March 30, 2022

A Bibliography for my Traditional Building Conference presentation, April 7, 2022.




 Using the Historic Practice of Practical Geometry Today

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All images, if they are not mine, are credited on the slide on which they appear. For more information, send a note to me through this blog:

     HABS drawings, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
     Denison Bingham Hull, Old First Church, Bennington, Vermont, c. 1935.
     James Platteter, barn frame for Green Mountain Timber Frames, 2014
     All others: Jane Griswold Radocchia
This list may not be necessary. However, I reference all these books as I speak, and those who attend my presentation may wish to follow up later in connection to their own projects. It's much easier to have the titles here than to try to have the information available during the PowerPoint.
Original editions of many of these books can be read at museum libraries. I have read early editions at the Memorial Libraries, Deerfield, MA, library and the library at Gunston Hall, Mason's Neck, VA.