Research and Resources

Books, Journals, and Websites used in my research, and often cited in my writing.


Resources for my research on Practical Geometry are found on my blog post:

I own most of the books and journals listed below, many of which are out of print in their original format. I have linked to Google books or publisher websites wherever possible, in order to help readers find nearby or existent copies.  I also add citations to books referenced in a specific post at the end of that post.

Baldwin, Peter C; How Night Air Became Good Air, 1776-1930, Environmental History 8.3 (2003): 36 pars. 9 Aug. 2008

Benjamin, Asher; The Country Builder's Assistant, 1797

Benjamin, Asher; The American Builder's Companion, 1827

Benjamin, Asher; The Architect, or Practical House Carpentry, 1830

Depew, Chauncey M. ed, (1895); 100 Years of American Commerce , 1795-1895

Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911 Edition

Garvin, James L.; A Building History of Northern New England, University Press of New England, 2001

Gaynor, JM and Hegedorn, NL; Tools: Working Wood in Eighteenth Century America, The Colonial Williamburg Foundation, Williamsburg, VA, 1993

Hambridge, Jay; The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry, Dover Publications, 1967. originally published 1919-20

Hubka, Thomas C.; Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn, University Press of New England, 1985

Ierley, Merritt; Open House: A Guided Tour of the American Home, 1637 - Present, Henry Holt, NY, 1999

Jenkins, Joseph; The Slate Roof Bible, Jenkins Publishing, Grove City, PA, 2003

Knight, Edward H., Knight's American Mechanical Dictionary, J.B. Ford and Co., NYC, 1874, reprint 2005.

Langley, Batty & Palladio, Andrea; Builder's Director or Benchmate, 1747

Lawlor, Robert: Sacred Geometry, Philosophy and Practice, Thames and Hudson, NYC, 1982

Le Corbusier; The Modulor: A Harmonious Measure to the Human Scale, Universally Applicable..., Harvard Press, 1954

Montgomery Ward catalog of 1895 (reprint by Dover Publications)

The Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 1971,

Sears Roebuck catalog, fall 1909, reprint by Ventura Books, Inc., NYC, 1979

Shaw, Edward, The Modern Architect, 1854, Dover Publications reprint, 1995

Sloan, Eric; A Museum of Early American Tools, 1964, Dover Publications reprint, 2002

Smith. Laurie; The Dutch House at Bucksteep Manor, The Geometrical Design Works, 2012

Smith, Laurie; The Gardener's Shelter at Cressing Temple: Historic and Modern Geometric Design, Building a Timber Frame without Maths or Power, 2009, The Carpenters' Fellowship , UK

Smith, Laurie; A Three-Dimensional, Timber-Framed Encyclopaedia of Geometrical Carpentry Design, Vernacular Architecture, Vol. 38 (2007) 35 -47.

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Turn of the Century Doors, Windows and Decorative Millwork: the Mulliner catalog of 1893, republished by Dover Publications in 1995

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio; De Architectura, c.15 BCE, Rome, on-line English translation by Bill Thayer:

Moss, Roger W. and Winkler, Gail C.; Victorian Interior Decoration: American interiors 1830-1900, 1986