Monday, April 17, 2023

Bibliography for the Preservation Carpentry Program, the North Bennet Street School, 2023


This April, the Preservation Carpentry students at the North Bennet Street School in Boston and I explored the use of geometry in construction: Practical Geometry.  


We practiced drawing circles, rectangles, floor plans and window layouts with a compass and straight edge. I gave a PowerPoint introduction on the historic use of geometry. The students asked good questions. 

We often referred to the books I had with me.

I had not made a list of those books, a bibliography. The students asked for one.


Here it is. 

   Bibliography for the Preservation Carpentry Program, NBBS, 2023

               ***       ****      *****             *****      ****      ***

Benjamin, Asher. The Country Builder’s Assistant, 1797, Dickman, printer, Greenfield, MAreprint by Applewood Books, Bedford, MA.
  *The American Builder’s Companion, 6th edition, 1827, RP &C Williams, Boston
Biddle, Owen. *Young Carpenter’s Assistant, 1805, published by Benjamin Johnson, Philadelphia.
Downes, Kerry, Sir Christopher Wren: The design of St. Paul's Cathedral, 1988, Trefoil Publication1805,s, Ltd., London
Gibbs, James. *Book on Architecture, London, 1728
Langley, Batty, The Builder's Director or Bench-Mate, 1751, printed for and sold by H.Piers, London                        
Nicholson, Peter. The Carpenter’s New Guide, 1793, London; 10th ed., Philadelphia, 1830.
Pain, William, The Practical Builder,  London, 1774.
Palladio, Andreas. *The 4 Books of Architecture, 1570, translated and published by Isaac Ware,London, 1738.
Serlio, Sebastian. On Architecture, Lyon, France 1530, translated in1611,  on-line.Translated by Vaughan Hart and Peter Hicks, 1996, Yale University Press, New Haven
                     *Serlio on Domestic Architecture, 1978, MIT Press, Cambridge,MA, and the Architectural Foundation, NY; Dover Publication.
Shaw, Edward. *The Modern Architect, Dayton & Wentworth, Boston, 1854
Smith, Laurie,**  The Geometrical Design of St. David’s Cathedral Nave Ceiling,  2017;
                       Architectural Geometry A Rare Geometrical Record from Rural Devon, 2020;  
                      The Geometrical Design Of Harmondsworth Great Barn, 2021; published by The Geometric Design Works in partnership with the UK Carpenters' Fellowship, printed Exeter, UK.
Vitruvius, Marcus. *The Ten Books on Architecture, c. 10 BCE, translated by Morris Hicky Morgan, Harvard University Press, 1914.
Walker, George  and Tolpin, Jim, By Hound and Eye, A Plain and Easy Guide to Designing Furniture with no Further Trouble, 2015, Lost Art Press, Fort Mitchell, KY.
Ware, William R. *The American Vignola, 1903

  * reprint available through Dover Publications

  ** I act as a US distributor for Laurie Smith's books. I buy them in batches which makes the postage reasonable. Please contact me if you would like to purchase one.

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Devon said...

I bet there's some hidden carpentry tips long forgotten buried in those ancient textbooks. Great work helping the school! I recently ordered landscape carpentry from so I'm aware how important tis is for the young ones to learn and continue preserving wooden structures.