Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bibliography for Practical Geometry

Tonight I will talk about Practical Geometry.
I will quickly review the documented - in writing - use of geometry from its mention in Isaiah to James Gibbs ' note in his Book on Architecture.
I will not have time to discuss the implications, nor even the reasons there are so few written notations. Curious people can read my blog and refer to this list.

I should have included: The Bible, Isaiah, 44, 13.

PRACTICAL GEOMETRY                 lecture for SAH Latrobe, Washington, DC, May 2017
                                                                           IPTNWorkshop, Detroit, Michigan, Sept., 2017                                                                                        Hale Village and Farm Museum Ohio, June 2018 
                                                                           Bennington, VT, Historical Society, Sept., 2018


     Benjamin, Asher. The Country Builder's Assistant,  Greenfield, MA: Thomas Dickman, 1797; reprint: Applewood Books, Bedford, MA, 1992.

                               The American Builder’s Companion, 6th edition, R. P. & C. Williams, Boston, 1827
     *Biddle, Owen. Young Carpenter’s Assistant, published by Benjamin Johnson, Philadelphia, 1805.
     *Gibbs, James. Book on Architecture, London, 1728
                              Rules for Drawing the Several Parts of Architecture, printed by W. Bower for the author, London, 1732, ECCO print edition  
      Green, Bryan Clark. In Jefferson’s Shadow, the Architecture of Thomas R. Blackburn, Princeton University Press, NY, 2006
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      Nicholson, Peter.  The Carpenter’s New Guide, 1793, London; 10th ed., Philadelphia, 1830.
                                   The New and Improved Practical  Builder, London, Thomas Kelly, 1837
     *Palladio, Andreas. The 4 Books of Architecture, 1570, translated and published by Isaac Ware, London, 1738.
       Serlio, Sebastian.  On Architecture, Lyon, France 1530, translated into English, 1611, available on-line
    * Shaw, Edward.  The Modern Architect, Dayton & Wentworth, Boston, 1854
    * Vitruvius, Marcus. The Ten Books on Architecture, c. 10 BCE, translated by Morris Hicky Morgan, Harvard University Press, 1914.
                                     also edited by Ingrid D. Rowland and Thomas Noble Howe, Cambridge University Press, 1999.
*Reprinted by Dover Publications, Inc., Mineola, NY

     HABS drawings, Library of Congress, Washington, DC
     Denison Bingham Hull, Old First Church, Bennington, Vermont, c. 1935.
     James Platteter, barn frame for Green Mountain Timber Frames, 2014
     All others: Jane Griswold Radocchia

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