Saturday, July 11, 2015

ME: giving a IPTN Workshop, July 22 - 24!

July 22-24, 2015 in the Shelburne Farms Coach Barn, Burlington, Vermont


My workshop is called

"Line, Point, String: Scribe"

I want everyone to draw. So there will be

24 school compasses
2 packs of unlined paper
1 pack of grid paper
a pencil sharpener
some straight edges - not the "thin ivory scale or box rule" recommended by Owen Biddle
erasers - although I want people to explore, not correct mistakes

And of course, photographs and drawings, some posters.

I hope to help people be comfortable with geometry, to be able manipulate the forms,  design their own frames -
and thus create buildings whose parts are proportional to each other. Or maybe just understand how people did once upon a time.

Running  a power point presentation on geometry and construction may be possible.

I hope to be able to schedule a working session for all of us who are exploring geometry.
We have met at other conferences by chance. Maybe this time we can share together what we know.

If you are there too please come find me and introduce yourself.

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