Saturday, December 8, 2012

Old First Church, Bennington, part 2

Here is the diagram for the 'leaves' in the fanlight over the main door to the church.

I include the picture of the fanlight again to make the comparison easier. The diagram for the scallops is in the previous post.

Laurie Smith, timber framer, historian - and the most knowledgeable person I know about the use of circle geometry in medieval design and construction - provided the answer.

 Here is his solutions, drawn by me.

The 'first circle'  creates the fan light. It is in the center.
The expansion of the daisy wheel I have drawn before.

For clarity I have drawn the defining lines in red on the lower half of the first circle. The upper half of the circle - the fan light -  is outlined. On that half I have shown only the leaf part of the pattern.

The center lines (A) define the center points on the daisy petals around the first circle which create the inner hexagon - drawn in red.  The center lines (B) run through the petals of the first circle and the outside circles. Where they cross the hexagon is the center of the circles which create the leaves!

You can see that the red circles cross. If continued they make daisy wheels. Not very complicated, except for where the proportions began.

Thank you, Laurie. The next post will be about you and your book, The Dutch House at Bucksteep Manor .

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