Tuesday, January 17, 2012

housekeeping: measuring and regulating lines

I have just added 'regulating lines' and deleted 'research' from the labels on 'measuring'.

Or perhaps, "So what?"

Because I am trying to write a post on whether the use of circle geometry died when architects took over design from builders, as has been suggested. I don't think so, but as I put together an answer I am asking myself more questions. So my understanding needs to be more thorough. I need to follow up on those directions of inquiry, see where they go and what's there.

I am beginning to think the answer has to do with how master builders, masons, joiners, and architects transferred information to workers. Drawings on paper? A reference cut in a stone ? A diagram on sheathing? Hatch marks meant for assembly on posts and beams?

So my 'research' on measuring turns out to be generic to thinking about the history of regulating lines.

I don't know who is actively following this, but if you are, please read the posts on measuring.

Note: This is when I think being an architect as well as an historian makes the difference. I know a lot about architectural drawings, about what actually goes into providing good information to the people who will be constructing what's in my head. Without that experience I might not even know it could be historically important.

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